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Southwest Ranch Recognized as Heritage Property

Recognized for its historical integrity and association with the ranching experience in Saskatchewan, the Historic W.D. & Alice Reesor Ranch has been designated as the province's 52nd Provincial Heritage Property. Our government is pleased to recognize the Historic W.D. & Alice Reesor Ranch as a Provincial Heritage Property, Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Gene Makowsky said. This property tells the story of a family's life on a Saskatchewan ranch for more than 100 years. This story will help future generations to understand the historical significance of the ranching industry in our province. The designated portion of the cattle ranch, founded in 1904 and located south west of Maple Creek, includes the ranch house, several barns and sheds, and natural landscape elements. The main buildings were erected between 1906 and 1916 and display original construction and functionality, as well as modifications made by the Reesor family to adjust to the evolving ranching industry and family life.Today, the buildings operate as the headquarters of the Reesor's family ranching operations and as an award-winning bed and breakfast business.

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