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Riverhurst Ferry Celebrates 50 Years

2017 marks the 50th Anniversary for the Riverhurst Ferry. Originally commissioned on July 14, 1967, the Riverhurst Ferry recently celebrated 50 years of operation.

The Riverhurst Ferry provides a convenient route for motorists crossing Lake Diefenbaker, connecting communities on both sides of the lake, Highways and Infrastructure Minister David Marit said. It's also Saskatchewan's only ferry that provides a highway to highway connection, connecting Highways 19 and 42.

Saskatchewan has 13 provincial ferries as well as one barge located in northern Saskatchewan.

The Riverhurst Ferry is listed as one of the things to do here for tourists during the summer months, Riverhurst Mayor Lawny Gustafson said, who also serves as a provincial ferry operator. The ferry provides a service for many local people, particularly farmers in the area who otherwise would have to travel a longer distance.

Motorists are reminded to check the Highway Hotline for the status of ferries before they depart and can visit

Photo Courtesy of Highways and Infrastructure.

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