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Kindersley RCMP Investigate Theft of Veterans' Medals

Kindersley RCMP are asking for your support in solving the following crime. On Monday, RCMP were called to a report of a break and enter to a residence located on 4th Avenue West in Kindersley. The break and enter occurred sometime between the dates of October 21 2017 and October 23. The unknown suspect(s) took various household items, 9 irreplaceable issued war medals and various war memorabilia. There were 7 British Army Issued war medals that were taken which are Gulf War, Bosnia, UN, Northern Ireland, Macadonia, Iraq War, and Queens Jubilee. Two other issued medals taken were Liberation of Kuwait and Gulf War Saudi Arabia.

This case is under investigation and anyone with any information is asked to contact their local RCMP.

Photo Courtesy of the RCMP.

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